In the article Walter Benjamin made many points about the evolution of the creation of art forms that I found very interesting. Since we have always experienced technological reproduction of art, it is important to realize that the “art of making art” was not always the way it is today. Even realizing how much more advanced the process has become was fascinating. Because this is the only reality we know, it seems natural, and it was interesting to learn this history and begin to understand that the production of art today often deviates from the natural process of creating a work of art.
Although it is true that a work of art has always been able to be reproduced, the writing made me consider the differences between a man-made replica of a piece of art and the way that art can now be mechanically and technically reproduced. The concepts of authenticity and aura…even a manually reproduced copy of a work of art will still be an unique piece in some way and will still reflect authenticity and aura. However, a product of mechanical reproduction will always lack authenticity. It thought about this in an everyday situation…if I am standing in a room covered in pretty wallpaper (that has obviously been mass produced), although it is art, I do not feel in the presence of a work of art. But, if there is a picture on the wall of nothing but scribbles done by a child, that would have an authentic feel and the uniqueness of a work of art. In my eyes, the aura of an original work is wondering what was going through the artists mind at the time, imagining their intention, envisioning the scene in time when it was created.


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