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Digital Artists

March 23, 2010

The above images are are done by asian artists Shadow Chen. Started as a graphic designer for clothing company and doing poster and website starting own brand. I like the work of this digital artists because I really like the fantasy elements of his digiscape works. I like the way he uses space in these designs and and makes it look like the images and objects are floating through empty space. I like the contrast of bright vibrant colors against the darker blue to make them pop. retroish.

She chose the english name “shadow” bc of her obessesion with creating images of light and dark. She practices the traditional chinese style of heavy coloring but modernizes her art with western street art influences. Her inspiration comes from her inner she sees the outside world from her heart. Also influenced heavily by fashion, street art, and music.

These 2 are the work of Tobias Roetsch. German artists specializes in digital art and photography.  This artists digital works are unique because he uses alot of his own photography in creating his space art. I like how he plays with the scale of objects within the given space. For instance the small planet way back in the first one and the small tree in the second one up against a much larger object plays with the concept of space and creates depth within the image.

These are the digital works of artist Andrew Wallerstein. He is an electronic artist and “explores his conceptions of digital space, both literal and figurative, with photorealism and stark algorithm.” His works are all 100% digitial..and it is interetsting how he is able to create the essence of space. He electronically is able to give the feel that things are very far away or very close to each other and he succeeds in creating these phycadelic images where you can see the distance and the relative space between objects when in actuality there is none.

I really like the works of Greg Martin. His digitally creates pictures look real and have a mystical feel about them. He uses space in a way natural way and his creations mirror what the images would actually look like if they were to exists somewhere in the world. This artist’s work inspired me when creating my digiscape I aimed to create a digitial image that could be observed as a representation of the real world.


Artist Statement

March 22, 2010

Wallpaper should obviously decorate and add character to the walls in a room, but for my wallpaper project I wanted to incorporate a different form of art and use it in an unconventional way. I stumbled upon a website with a blog for a contest of designing sneaker soles. The inspiration for my wallpaper idea was to take a usually ignored and unappreciated part of a sneaker and use the design on the soles of shoes to create a print for my wallpaper. For those who really love fashion and shoes, “the sole is an insight into the sneaker soul”. I also wanted to incorporate the idea that shoes never go on walls, and you woud never walk on walls, so using images of the soles of shoes to create wallpaper is taking the object out of context.

Using the medium of digital technology….I looked through the sneaker collections of roommates and friends and found shoes with soles that i thought had interesting designs. I then took pictures of the designs I wanted to use using my digital camera and then cropped the images so that it would not be apparent that they were parts of sneakers. I also liked the idea of taking pictures of already using soles that were worn in and added the natural effect of real soles. I then thought about the design element of my wallpaper and decided to arrange the images in a pattern that would form a different design in each row by repeating a single image across to create a pattern. I arranged them in rows with the edges touching and overlapping to give the effect that the rows were continuous and connected. When i started putting everything together I liked watching the design grow into a larger whole, with the end design looking kind of like a colorful african print wallpaper from far away, which I had not anticipated in the beginning. But, when observed from a closer distance the texture and shape of each individual image reflects that of its true sneaker form.

As far as I can tell with my research, other artists have not approached this kind of thing in the past. I was not able to find anything in the past where the art on the soles of shoes has been used as a design for any other piece of art. In my opinion the wallpaper is interesting and I think could be used in any room where someone wants alot of color on the walls and an intricate design, but it would also make sense on the walls of a hip shoe store or clothing store. All in all, I am very pleased with the end result of my project.

New/Final Wallpaper Proposal

March 11, 2010

So I have changed my wallpaper idea. I am going to take pictures of the designs on the bottom of shoes (soles) and crop the images so that you can’t tell they are shoes. My wallpaper will consist of a collage of these images in a repeating patter. Designing the soles of shoes is artwork and my concept is to take a form of art that is usually not seen, because it is on the bottom of shoes, and put it on the walls so it can be better appreciated and noticed. Also, you never walk on walls, so the the idea of shoe soles as wallpaper is different. I want to arrange the images in a way that you wouldn’t be able to tell they are the soles of shoes at first glance.

Idea proposal

March 3, 2010

For my wallpaper project I am going to create wallpaper that is covered with different sizes and types of windows. Through each of these windows will be images of different scenes throughout the world.  The idea behind my concept is that one can experience different places that they may not be in presently and have the feeling that they are surrounded by the entire world at all times, because in the larger context of reality we actually are. A window on a wall is how you look out into the outside world and I want these different images to in one place represent the entirety and diversity of the world. For example, looking through the windows you may see, the desert, a galaxy in outer space, a snowy mountain scene, a sandy sunny beach, the ocean.. MORE TO COME

Wallpaper Artists

March 2, 2010


The 3 images above are the work of artist Loic Raguenes. I discovered this artists and these wallpaper images at the website I think its really interesting how the artists used only one color and a patttern of dots to create the images (a dog in one and a squid in the other) in each wallpaper. When examined closely the design is very simple but creates a complex image. I am inspired by the artist’s technique to create an image out of nothing but endless repetition of small dots. It is somewhat of an illusion and a trick on the eye and mind the we see and image of a dog/squid that is not really there. 

I’ve been trying for over an hour to upload the images from my other 2 artists and comment on them and its keeps stopping at 20% for all of them. The other two wallpaper artists are Virgil Marti and Marc Camille Chaimowicz. 

YAY it worked…



I love the pastel palette of colors Chaimowicz uses in his wallpaper. His wallpaper is beautiful and gives a peaceful, serene feeling. These wallpaper designs are elegant and soft. 

I think Virgil Marti’s works are fascinating. I wanted to explore different styles of wallpaper artists and find his designs to stand out from others I found. I am inspired by his risk taking and techniques that play with the elements of texture. I like the mirror look he creates.