Wallpaper Artists


The 3 images above are the work of artist Loic Raguenes. I discovered this artists and these wallpaper images at the website wallpaperbyartists.com I think its really interesting how the artists used only one color and a patttern of dots to create the images (a dog in one and a squid in the other) in each wallpaper. When examined closely the design is very simple but creates a complex image. I am inspired by the artist’s technique to create an image out of nothing but endless repetition of small dots. It is somewhat of an illusion and a trick on the eye and mind the we see and image of a dog/squid that is not really there. 

I’ve been trying for over an hour to upload the images from my other 2 artists and comment on them and its keeps stopping at 20% for all of them. The other two wallpaper artists are Virgil Marti and Marc Camille Chaimowicz. 

YAY it worked…



I love the pastel palette of colors Chaimowicz uses in his wallpaper. His wallpaper is beautiful and gives a peaceful, serene feeling. These wallpaper designs are elegant and soft. 

I think Virgil Marti’s works are fascinating. I wanted to explore different styles of wallpaper artists and find his designs to stand out from others I found. I am inspired by his risk taking and techniques that play with the elements of texture. I like the mirror look he creates.


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