Artist Statement

Wallpaper should obviously decorate and add character to the walls in a room, but for my wallpaper project I wanted to incorporate a different form of art and use it in an unconventional way. I stumbled upon a website with a blog for a contest of designing sneaker soles. The inspiration for my wallpaper idea was to take a usually ignored and unappreciated part of a sneaker and use the design on the soles of shoes to create a print for my wallpaper. For those who really love fashion and shoes, “the sole is an insight into the sneaker soul”. I also wanted to incorporate the idea that shoes never go on walls, and you woud never walk on walls, so using images of the soles of shoes to create wallpaper is taking the object out of context.

Using the medium of digital technology….I looked through the sneaker collections of roommates and friends and found shoes with soles that i thought had interesting designs. I then took pictures of the designs I wanted to use using my digital camera and then cropped the images so that it would not be apparent that they were parts of sneakers. I also liked the idea of taking pictures of already using soles that were worn in and added the natural effect of real soles. I then thought about the design element of my wallpaper and decided to arrange the images in a pattern that would form a different design in each row by repeating a single image across to create a pattern. I arranged them in rows with the edges touching and overlapping to give the effect that the rows were continuous and connected. When i started putting everything together I liked watching the design grow into a larger whole, with the end design looking kind of like a colorful african print wallpaper from far away, which I had not anticipated in the beginning. But, when observed from a closer distance the texture and shape of each individual image reflects that of its true sneaker form.

As far as I can tell with my research, other artists have not approached this kind of thing in the past. I was not able to find anything in the past where the art on the soles of shoes has been used as a design for any other piece of art. In my opinion the wallpaper is interesting and I think could be used in any room where someone wants alot of color on the walls and an intricate design, but it would also make sense on the walls of a hip shoe store or clothing store. All in all, I am very pleased with the end result of my project.


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