Digital Artists

The above images are are done by asian artists Shadow Chen. Started as a graphic designer for clothing company and doing poster and website starting own brand. I like the work of this digital artists because I really like the fantasy elements of his digiscape works. I like the way he uses space in these designs and and makes it look like the images and objects are floating through empty space. I like the contrast of bright vibrant colors against the darker blue to make them pop. retroish.

She chose the english name “shadow” bc of her obessesion with creating images of light and dark. She practices the traditional chinese style of heavy coloring but modernizes her art with western street art influences. Her inspiration comes from her inner she sees the outside world from her heart. Also influenced heavily by fashion, street art, and music.

These 2 are the work of Tobias Roetsch. German artists specializes in digital art and photography.  This artists digital works are unique because he uses alot of his own photography in creating his space art. I like how he plays with the scale of objects within the given space. For instance the small planet way back in the first one and the small tree in the second one up against a much larger object plays with the concept of space and creates depth within the image.

These are the digital works of artist Andrew Wallerstein. He is an electronic artist and “explores his conceptions of digital space, both literal and figurative, with photorealism and stark algorithm.” His works are all 100% digitial..and it is interetsting how he is able to create the essence of space. He electronically is able to give the feel that things are very far away or very close to each other and he succeeds in creating these phycadelic images where you can see the distance and the relative space between objects when in actuality there is none.

I really like the works of Greg Martin. His digitally creates pictures look real and have a mystical feel about them. He uses space in a way natural way and his creations mirror what the images would actually look like if they were to exists somewhere in the world. This artist’s work inspired me when creating my digiscape I aimed to create a digitial image that could be observed as a representation of the real world.


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