Digiscape-Artist Statement

Digital printmaking, and digital art in general, provide the tools necessary to create something such as a digiscape.   In my opinion a digiscape is a piece of artwork that represents a virtual reality. A digiscape goes beyond the normal standards or universal truths of object placement, context, and special laws… and allows you to defy these norms and create an image that is literally “out of this world”!

In regards to artistic expression, digiscape and digital media allow an artist a wide range of artistic freedom. This project focused around the concept of space and understanding the different interpretations and uses of space in digital art. Digiscape allows the artists to place with space in an unrealistic and abstract way and to manipulate space in order to produce images that go beyond the restraints of the physical world.

My digiscape is focused around the concept of naturally occurring events and objects in nature. I am fascinated by the natural flow of the world, and my inspiration for this project was to create a digiscape that encompasses common events that do not naturally occur in the same place. The theme behind my digiscape is “The Earth Does This”…I wanted to show spectacular things that occur on this planet without any human involvement, and things that we cannot control…happening in close relation to each other in a way that they never would naturally in this world.

My technique for this project was to recycle real images of theses events and create a sort of collage that represented this digital reality. I realized that making it look cohesive and resemble a real scene would not be easy, so I tired to keep it simple and use only real photographs and place the images in a realistic spacial relationship to each other. I chose to include a piece of a building in the foreground of the picture to give the feeling that the viewer was standing on a building looking out onto this actual landscape. I though that including this in the image would help to give a sense of reality to the image and place the viewer in a familiar space in time. The fact that each object and image in the digiscape were taken from original photographs of the “real world”.. means that this digiscape actually represents the reality of the physical world if only we were able to play with special relations the way we can digitally.


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