Award-winning Japanese designer. Focuses on graphic design. Known for innovative projects that successfully integrate graphic design and architecture. Work involves architecture and the environment.

-After studying at Musashino Art University and after 10 years of work experience, he decided to open his own studio in 1988, Hiromura Design Office. The studio is located in Japan and is made up of a team of designers that have built up an award winning portfolio of graphic design projects that cover identity, advertising, signage systems, packaging and exhibitions. His clients include issey miyake, nissan and numerous museums and businesses in japan and overseas.

– He is inspired to create art as a form of visual communication and specializes in signage design. QUOTES BELOW

“I always think about ‘how information is conveyed’ rather than ‘how to convey information’ the most important thing to achieve is not expression but to find out essence. I want to continue thinking about the relationship between information and people.”

“I am interested in every type of design but my specialty is graphic design . I only came to work on signage systems through an encounter with a great architect.  a complicated space plan causes confusion,  a signage system cannot redeem it but makes people more conscious of the space. we shouldn’t be afraid of confusion.”


Signage design for Nissan Motor Design Center

Visual Identiy and signage design for Shinonome Canal Court: toyko housing complex aimed at creating a new living space that is innovative and free from traditional concepts.

Advertisment and planning for Marunouchi Building. One of the most impressive skyscrapers in toykyo.


-9h “nine hours” luxury capsule hotel in Japan. Name comes from idea that a typical guest will need 1 hour for a shower, 7 hours for sleep, and 1 hour for rest…9hours. Concept designed by Massaki Hiromura (graphic design) and Takaaki Nakamura (interior design). Hotel accessories have impressive graphics done by Hiromura.


2d-3d personal exhibit

-kitasenju pictograms: he looked at the meanings each kanji letter has and said making a part of the letter an illustration gets right and left brain working at the same time, and  increases one’s attention.


self portrait

-Kazimir Malevich was a Russian painter 1875-1935. He studied at Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture in the early 1900s

-Pioneer of Abstract Geometric art: a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms. sometimes placed in non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective compositions.

-He also laid the foundations for the avant-garde Suprematism movement. Credited with having painted the first geometric non-representational painting.

Malevich changed his style several times, from Impressionism to Symbolism, and from Fauvism to Kubism, or Cubo-Futurism. “Here is an artist,” said his friend Natalia Gontcharova, “who skips steps in art evolution.”


“white on white”   Black Square


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